Thursday, July 26, 2012

Celebrity Dreams

I am fortunate to come from a family who has dreams involving celebrities. They are hilarious!(with the exception of my one about Jonah Hill, that was just disturbing and wrong) My latest was a Justin Beiber dream! I was in middle school and the Beib came to stay with me and my family and I was so excited to tell my friends, to my chagrin, when I got on the bus and told them none of them beliebed me! Also, the seats on the bus that we sat on were arranged in a circle so we could discuss our teenbeat magazines. Anyway, my hater friends were proved wrong when my brother brought Beiber on the bus, and it was like the rapture! we all cried and hugged, then I woke up. I found that one entertaining, but there are better ones. Once, my sister, Andrea dreamed she was jumping over chairs in an auditorium to beat up Snoop Dogg. She was victorious, too. Big surprise, Snoop probably doesn't have the greatest lung capacity. My favorite is probably my Mom's. She was shopping with Tom Cruise and they left the store and he gave her a ride on his motorcycle. She asked him something, and he got offended and kicked her off. I'm pretty sure she found him and beat him up too. There are meanings hidden in our dreams, and I think the ones in these are simple. Celebrities deserve to get beat up. I bet if I had stayed asleep I could have opened up a can on Beiber. That would have been a very emotionally satisfying dream.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My Random and Deeply Thought Out Insights on Children's Shows.

I have reached a point in my life where I watch a lot of kids shows. These shows are not particularly entertaining for me, so how do I entertain myself? By analyzing them, like normal people, right?
What kind of sick, twisted little freak is Sid from Toy Story? I really think he shows signs of a sociopath. After the toys came alive and scared him he probably had to go through lots of therapy, which I don't think is a bad thing, I'm hoping he grew up to be functional, and not a serial killer or weird fetishist or something. Why was he such a little psycho?? My theories are twofold, 1 his parents suck, and 2. he was forced to live in such a butt ugly house. Have you ever looked at how ugly that house was? Who was their interior decorator? Shrek?
Next, on Handy Manny, you just KNOW that Manny and Kelly from the hardware store are hooking up! Question is, why can't they go public?
You know how on cars, sometimes, it shows cars with their little kid cars? How did they get those kids? How do cars reproduce????
Don't even get me started on Special Agent Oso. The kids on that show are too stupid to function. "Help me, Oso, I don't know how to pet a dog!" "Help me, Oso, I don't know how to kick a soccer ball into a wide net from a short distance!" Listen, kids, you got much bigger problems than soccer or dogs.
Once Mickey Mouse was in a big pickle because his "handy helpers" broke, and he had to answer his OWN door!! The gang was on the brink of missing dinner, because no one was there to make it for them!! Lazy animated jerks! But I would live in the clubhouse, that place is freakin sweet. It should be on Cribs. it appears by magic, has hands that do everything for you, has a slide coming out of it, has all sorts of entertainment nearby, and access to all sorts of awesome vehicles (ie a train, hot air balloon, etc) Also, I feel like an injustice is being done to the ducks, they don't get pants or skirts. I know they lack external genetalia, but they might get cold. As you have guessed, that's the one we watch most.
And as you have probably also guessed, I'm blogging tired. That may be the same thing as blogging drunk. I better log off and think of Nickelodeon shows to trash, since I only focused on Disney tonight. That is all. Goodnight and have a pleasant tomorrow.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Facebook Morons

Can I just say I hate the over achieving morons on facebook. Blah, my 2 year old knows classical composers and identified a beethoven song! Blah, blah, We are now homeowners! Blah, my 18 month old can count to 10 in three languages! Do we really need to brag that much? I guess the happy posts are easier to read than the whiney ones, but I can only "TAKE" so much!!! :-/ And don't even get me started on the ones saying how wonderful and sweet their husbands are and how they do so much for them and get them lame flowers that they have to take a bunch of pictures of and post them too. We have all seen a flower before. Unless it's the best arrangement ever arranged, I don't care that much. I'm only talking about my highschool friends, and annoying relatives. If you're reading this, it doesn't apply to you :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sexy Sistahs!

I had so much fun at our reunion! It was just what I needed, I have missed you guys so much! I miss you all already. Since you all were there, and your pretty much the only people who read my blog ( I could probably tell more people to read it, but whatever) I wont waste time describing it or anything but I thought it would be funny to make fake profiles of us, but make them the complete opposite of what's true.
Cynda Min. Cynda is a cutting edge business woman. She has been called a workaholic, and can't deny that title. She is climbing the corporate ladder, and doesn't worry about her kids. That's what they pay day care workers for! She is also incredibly organized, never loses anything and can run on very little sleep.
Katelin Atkins. Katelin is a total city girl. She loves the big city and would hate to be anywhere else. She has a weakness for junk food. The Mcdonalds workers in her area know her by name!
Kristen Christenson. Kristen is a militant femenist. She doesn't believe in western society's grooming customs, such as cosmetic use or shaving. She doesn't like to show affection, and would never waste her time with cake decorating or anything like that. She thinks Ferris Beauler's Day off is the most offensive movie ever made.
Annalynne Thomas. One word to describe Annie; fiery. She has a major temper and is prone to huge meltdowns. Do not cross her! She gets upset very easily. She hates playing games and reading books, and only looks out for #1.
Jamie Jeppson. Jamie isn't someone you would call organized. She hates cleaning and any form of organization. She doesn't like to have a definite plan, but always wants to go with the flow. She doesn't like to hold a job for more than a couple of months. She's also very loud.
Shayla Wood. Shayla is very introverted. She doesn't like people, and is scared to talk to them. She works in the library stacking books when she's not researching ancient agricultural practices. She's very mellow to be around.
Krista Eger. When you think of the term "Molly Mormon" or "Holly Homemaker" you automatically think of Krista. She is very timid, and supports her staunch republican husband. She loves cleaning and cooking for her family of 9(one more on the way) She doesn't allow any entertainment in her house that isn't G rated. She also loves nice red meat. And hates home birth hippies.
Philip Eger. Philip is an accountant. Creativity is lost on him. He is a dedicated republican and is easily offended by profanity or vulgarity. He really REALLY loves country music.
Felicia Siggard. Felicia is the wild child of the bunch. She gets a kick out of breaking rules. by day she's Felicia Siggard the student, by night she's Cinnamon Hills, the entertainer! She uses her tip money for college. She's working on her degree on human sexuality.
Ha ha ha! Sorry if I offended anyone, I was laughing while I wrote it. What would our group be like if we really were like that?

Friday, June 10, 2011

Made a cake

I have been experimenting with cake decorating. I was asked to do a quincinera cake, which is a very big deal, and since it is in January, I agreed. I was so intimidated I wanted some practice, so I made a cake for my sister in law's lakers themed baby shower. (who plans a lakers baby shower... yup only my in laws...) and I was really encouraged by it. The fondant was so fun! My mother in law bought it, but I want to experiment making my own soon. So here's the pic, the only one I have is one my sister in law took with her phone, the picture is crooked, but I assure you the cake was not :)

On a negative note: the cake sucked. It was super dry and gross. Stupid Betty Crocker! I didn't really care, I just wanted it to look good, but if anyone has a good, dense but not dry chocolate (or any other flavors, really) cake recipe, feel free to share:) Let me know what you think. Ps if one of the basketballs has a fingerprint in it it's because my niece decided to try and snatch it. grr....

Monday, April 25, 2011

KJ's Two!

It's been 2 years (and one day) since I became a Mom! The time has flown by, but I also feel like I've had this little man with me forever. Even though he drives me crazy on a daily basis, I love him so much! He is so funny and friendly and curious and kind and loving and energetic. He is also the best dancer I have ever seen and an awesome big brother. I can't believe how much he has grown and how big he is getting! I can't even describe how much I love him and how strong the bond is between us. I thought having Koa would change our relationship, and it has, but I still love him just as much!
Here are some things I'd like to remember about my boy at this crazy age:
Food: Chicken nuggets and fruit snacks, and pretty much any other unhealthy thing there is. Ha ha
Toy: Any ball or car.
Movie: Cars, duh.
Book: any cars books, or touch and feel books
Color: I don't know. I'll say red cause it's the color of lightning mcqueen. He loves that show! He get's all excited when he see's anything from the movie, he says "Cah's!!! Whoa!!"
Animal: He LOVES animals! He is always smothering his uncle's dogs, but he was a big fan of the stupid cat that would come to visit us in Ivins. So I'll say cat or dog.
TV Show: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! He loves him some Mickey!
Person: MOMMY!!! Just kidding, I think his little brother actually has me beat.
He hasn't been talking that much, at least not in english. He has a very interesting language that we call "Gong gong" because that was his favorite phrase for a while, I don't know what it meant. But he does have some words. Usually he just likes to say part of the word. Here are some of the words he says that I understand... I think.
Eez peaz: Please
Kwah: Koa, but this also might be cry, cause he said it to me when I cried the other day.
Cah: Car
Bah: Ball
Ee: Ear
Boo: Booger. I know this because he only says it when he picks his nose. or my nose. or Koa's nose.
Kee: Cookie. He thinks most foods are cookies.
Tay too- Thank you. He just started that one yesterday. I'm so excited!
He also says Baby, Mama(not often he calls me n'dah- Cynda), Dada, and Uh-oh. He says Uh oh so cute! He also nods his head in approval when he sees or eats something he likes. I love it cause he does it with the most serious expression. shakes his head "no" when he's in trouble, and clenches his jaw and shakes his face really hard when he's excited, sometimes he'll ball up his fists too when he does that. It's hilarious!
So yeah, that's my big boy. What a great 2 years with an awesome kid!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

What a Mighty Good Man!

I had to post this while the good feelings are still here, I'm very easily annoyed, so chances are that I'll be ticked off at Kualii again soon, but I just want to say how awesome he is! He was so nice to me yesterday for my birthday. He's not mean to me any other day, but he made me feel so special and loved! He brought me flowers and a balloon and a card, and took me to my haircut, and took me to dinner. It really meant a lot to me since I have been feeling like crap about myself. I feel so much better today, and my hair feels so nice and short! Kualii is just a really good husband and daddy, and I know he loves me and my boys :0) I love him soooooooooo much!
Also, Kuokoa is exactly 2 months today! I can't believe it's been so long! He's such a cute, big boy! He is now 12 lbs 14 oz and 23 inches. He's doing really well, his belly button has a hernia, but the doctor says it's pretty normal and there's not anything to do for it. He's handled his immunizations like a champ, and had such a good night last night! He ate at like 11:30 then slept till 3:00, and I'm pretty sure he could have taken a binky and went back to sleep, but i fed him anyway and he slept till like 8:00 this morning! Holy cow! Kj, on the other hand was a nightmare. When it's Kualii's day off, if Kj wakes up at all in the night, Kualii will let him out of his room to watch tv untill he falls back to sleep, and Kualii will just sleep on the couch, so I think Kj knows when this will happen and takes advantage, what kid wouldn't? last night Kualii decided enough was enough, and made him stay in his room, which I wish he would have done from the start! But Kj threw the biggest fit. Kualii went in to try and calm him down a few times, and I even went in once, but he just had to cry it out. It felt like forever, but he finally went to sleep. I know he needs this boundary in his life. Bedtime is bedtime. He fell asleep for his nap at like 11:30 this morning so we'll see how the rest of the day goes.... Anyway, there's a lovely update on my manly men. I'm so glad I have them in my life!