Thursday, July 26, 2012

Celebrity Dreams

I am fortunate to come from a family who has dreams involving celebrities. They are hilarious!(with the exception of my one about Jonah Hill, that was just disturbing and wrong) My latest was a Justin Beiber dream! I was in middle school and the Beib came to stay with me and my family and I was so excited to tell my friends, to my chagrin, when I got on the bus and told them none of them beliebed me! Also, the seats on the bus that we sat on were arranged in a circle so we could discuss our teenbeat magazines. Anyway, my hater friends were proved wrong when my brother brought Beiber on the bus, and it was like the rapture! we all cried and hugged, then I woke up. I found that one entertaining, but there are better ones. Once, my sister, Andrea dreamed she was jumping over chairs in an auditorium to beat up Snoop Dogg. She was victorious, too. Big surprise, Snoop probably doesn't have the greatest lung capacity. My favorite is probably my Mom's. She was shopping with Tom Cruise and they left the store and he gave her a ride on his motorcycle. She asked him something, and he got offended and kicked her off. I'm pretty sure she found him and beat him up too. There are meanings hidden in our dreams, and I think the ones in these are simple. Celebrities deserve to get beat up. I bet if I had stayed asleep I could have opened up a can on Beiber. That would have been a very emotionally satisfying dream.

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Thomas Family said...

I wish my dreams were as cool ad yours! I have to dream vicariously through you! Ps- you should update your profile seeing as you are no longer pregnant with your first child, heehee